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Why Choose us to design your new Mobile App?

Apps give your business visibility that extends beyond the Internet and literally into your customers’ pockets and purses. A mobile app is software that gets downloaded onto mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. It integrates with the devices’ system and makes instant interaction possible between consumers and products/businesses/services. Mobile apps create interactive experiences wherever a person has a connection. This is why more and more businesses consider having mobile apps.


Here are a few more reasons mobile apps are important for most businesses:

 Mobile apps improve your visibility. Many consumers rely so heavily on their smart phones and tablets they don’t get on their computers unless it’s for school or work. People browse the Web from their smart phones, shop on their tablets and manage their bank accounts without ever talking to a teller or turning on a computer. People use their portable electronic devices to connect with their wants and needs. Mobile apps suit them and their interaction preferences.
 Mobile apps can reduce your marketing spending. Because so many people refer to their smart phones or tablets when shopping, researching and doing daily tasks, they are constantly alerted to you, your products and services through your mobile app. No need to spend big dollars on billboards, newspaper advertising or radio spots. People who download your mobile app see you all the time!
 Your business, products and services are available 24/7 for anyone who has your mobile app. If you own a hotel and someone’s traveling, your mobile app makes it simple to reserve a room, send special requests and then find you. A specialty shop can benefit by showing its inventory. Sales teams can use mobile apps for their customers who are on the go, rarely in front of a computer buy always with smart phone or tablet access.

Features Silver Gold Platimum
Customer Chat
Near Me Alerts Muti-locations (Send Coupon to your client when they the neighborhood of your business)
Push Notification (Send Visual alerts/Notifications to your customers)
Near Me Alerts
Edit Live App (Manage button’s functionality, title and destination etc)
Contact (customizable buttons, can be edited)
Appointment request
Social Network (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)
Customized Buttons (button functionality: Call, email, text, web, direction etc..)
Supported Languages (English, Spanish, French, German & Portuguese) More can be added upon request.
Settings (Adds to Contacts, One Touch Call)
Calculator (Loan Calculator)
Sharing (App can be Shared on social network and email)
News (News page or your industry)
QR Code Scanner (App-embedded Scanner, Easy to use)
Set up Fee $300 $500 $750
Monthly Fee $29/Month $39/Month $49/Month





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